Writing & Literary Pursuits

Stories & writing have been a part of my life since I can remember. My parents would read to me every myFirstBooknight. I always looked forward to a new book by my bedside. I am not sure when I started writing but the first story I have found, which is posted here, was written and illustrated in grade school. At that time, it was stories about horses, in high school, I graduated to stories about young women on adventures then as I moved out on my own, my writing morphed, as is to be expected from an art college student, into angst ridden prose. Like legends of old, the angst of youth is based in the reality of our own worlds and writing is a perfect purification process.

Creative Writing was my elective of choice throughout art school. Two years of creative writing during my grade 13 high school art program. In college, technical writing was a mandatory for my program but I still enjoyed the creative side of writing and took whatever creative writing, book, cinema, courses were available.  Even eschewing art history in favour of writing in the present. After college, I really started to fill in my notebooks. Dozens of black hard cover notebooks filled with writings and ramblings. And I continued my education. Mixed in with drawing courses, physics, astronomy, I expanded my writing horizons with advertising and script writing workshops and courses.

Words flow now in business documents, blogs and web pages.  But the stories still come and iambic pentameters still flow while looking up at the stars and the moon or sleeping beneath them.

Moon rise in the birches



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