Poems & Prose


I put my arms to my sides, looked up at the sky and felt like I could fly.



Dream Stories

We had this talisman. It opened this portal. Once a year, we could place the ‘key’ in the right ‘spot’ (which was just an area of open space!) and we could step to the other side. We didn’t go anywhere when we got there because we didn’t want to get lost on the other side. It was enough just to step over and be able to come back. If we didn’t have the ‘key’, it just wasn’t there.Bee landing on Thistle flower

We had our fun, stepped through, took some pictures of the strange landscape, all pointed with oversaturated colours. Then back to our real life. We were hosting an outing for some kids from a local group home. They came out to enjoy the fresh air, have some fun, and eat some good country food. We had a nice lil’ food stand. It was a rough corner shop with a longgg counter, some great baked goods made with fresh fruits, homespun candies, and lots of natural goodness laid out on top.

The kids were running around, having a good time. One young boy came up and asked me. “How come I can’t fly?” I told him there was a knack to it, that he just had to catch the right wind stream! It wasn’t a flap your wings kind of flying but a ‘base jump’ type of soaring. Only you took a running jump, caught your breeze and soared up. I took my running hop into the air, caught an air stream and soared up. I made a couple of circles around the yard and came back down. He tried but still couldn’t catch a breeze so I said, ‘hmm, maybe there’s a problem with the wind, let me try”. I tried again, got up in the air but after a few hundred yards could not keep the breeze and stumbled to the ground. “It’s not you” I said, “There’s a disturbance in the air”.

I went straight to ‘my group’ to tell them I thought that there was something going on that was affecting the wind streams… That we may have had a breech! Some ‘others’ may have come over from the other side! See the ones from the other side were bad news. Probably why we never strayed far from the portal! They came over to our side just to make trouble. Nobody but some select groups like us knew about the portals. So fun time was over, we had to organize search parties for these beings. They looked exactly like us except for a type of tattoo on the inside of their forearms. No sooner had we started a search, and then I caught a glimpse of someone with a veiny tattoo on his right arm…they were here! Right in our compound!

Then I woke up…